Monday, 26 June 2017

Family member description

There once was a lady called Kate Dalzell, she had long black wavy hair. She has hazel eyes and she is very fashionable.

She had a pointy nose that reminds me of squid wids nose of sponge bob. She had a beautiful smile because she has such white teef. She likes to wear black I don't know why tho it's sort of weird. Her favorite food is nachos and subway. She likes Adidas better than Nike. And she also likes DC. She likes going to her mums house and we go down the creek and look for animals. She is the best mum ever.

This week for literacy we had to write a description about a family member, I chose to do my mum. I liked doing this activity because I really like doing descriptions. Next time I am going to try and write more descriptive statement.

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