Thursday, 7 December 2017

survivor reflection T1W5

This week in class we have teamed up 
with Mamaku 3 to do some survivor based tasks.  The task I did was we had to bake Damper and then cook it on a fire with a stick. Then if we completed that task we got to marshmallows to roast. I liked this activity because we got to roast marshmallows.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Refection T3W5

This week for numeracy we have been working on fractions, I learnt how to identify fractions. Here is a google drawing about how to identify fractions . Next time I am going to try and be more focused so I will have a better understanding about fractions.

Also this week for literacy we have been still working on our slide about our artist. Next time I am going to find a bit more information about him, but this time I ran out of time. We were learning to resurrect about a set artist

Friday, 28 July 2017

Literacy reflection T3W1

Yesterday afternoon Madeline came in to help us with our persuasive writing. We had to find a buddy and then had to try and get them to like a game of our choice. We had to convince them from the heart, mind and inspire them. I liked this activity because I like doing persuasive writing.  

Also this week for literacy we had to fill out a google dock about what is art I didn't know much about art so this was hard for me. This term for literacy our work is going to be based on art.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Family member description

There once was a lady called Kate Dalzell, she had long black wavy hair. She has hazel eyes and she is very fashionable.

She had a pointy nose that reminds me of squid wids nose of sponge bob. She had a beautiful smile because she has such white teef. She likes to wear black I don't know why tho it's sort of weird. Her favorite food is nachos and subway. She likes Adidas better than Nike. And she also likes DC. She likes going to her mums house and we go down the creek and look for animals. She is the best mum ever.

This week for literacy we had to write a description about a family member, I chose to do my mum. I liked doing this activity because I really like doing descriptions. Next time I am going to try and write more descriptive statement.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Literacy Reflection Week 7

There once was a lady named Helga Reissmann. Her eyes were as blue as the sky with clouds in it. She was as tall as the highest skyscraper. Her style is a cowgirl. Her top looks like a snow leopard. Her shoes look like a stained wood. Her teeth are like a bunny's teeth. Her shape is tall and skinny. She is quite big only because she is tall. Her hair is short and straight. She has 3 children, Jasmine 26, Telisha 24 and Cole is 21. Her job is teaching me and my class. She likes going on walks.
This week for literacy we had to write a description about our teacher. Our WALT was to write a description about Miss Reissmann. Next  time I am going to manage my time better. I liked this activity because I like writing descriptions.

Kick start
By Simon Cooke
Boom crash AHHHH Oh no we have crash landed. Are we going to be ok? WOW look giants they are so big. They are going to kill us not they won't, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH they are coming towards us Oh they are playing rugby…
Find out more to read the book
Also this week for literacy we had to read a book and then write a summary about the book. Next time I am going to find a better book that I like.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Literacy Reflection T2W5

This week for Literacy I did word work. I had really hard words this week and I Learnt how to spell them! I am most proud of learning how to spell catastrophe. Next time I am going to manage my time better so I don't have to do lots of work for home Learning. 

Cross country Reflection

This week we had cross country I didn't come to school that day but I did all of the other years. What you have to do is when your age group comes up you have to run around the field. I don't like cross country so this is a persuasive type of writing I wrote to tell people why we shouldn't do cross country I could think of 4 reasons why here they are 

I think we should not  do cross country because some people cant do it and they to sit there board all day. 

I also think we should not do cross country because some people don't like doing it.  

I think you should be able to choose if you want to do it or not. 

I think that it is bad because we are not learning anything.